St. Josef

The church with the 2Power system


The sight of the 2Power PVT collectors on the roof of a Catholic church is unusual, to say the least. But the St. Josef Catholic parish in Schwarzenbruck did not want to forego solar power when it it was time to completely refurbished its house of worship. In addition to redoing the roof and the facade, it also had the mechanical infrastructure almost completely updated.


   2Power solution

Along with the new interior paint job, floor heating, a heat pump with a gas condensing boiler for auxiliary heat and multiple buffer tanks were installed. The heat is sent directly to the heat pump by the 2Power modules to heat the church. At the same time, the solar system power is used to operate the heat pump and provide electricity for the church. Surplus heat is sent to the 2,000 liter-buffer tanks to be used at a later time. All together, the 2Power solar system generates significant amounts of surplus energy. Up until now, the church used about 27,150 kWh of electricity annually. The solar system alone generates about 36,000 kWh annually.

Technical details
30 units 2Power HM 1000 Mono Black
126 units PV module 255W
Electrical capacity: 39.93 kWp
Thermal capacity: 21.57 kWp

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