Hot water

with 2Power instead of electricity - saves € 600


2Power can also be used as a classic thermal collector for producing hot water as well as to back-up the heating. This has already been done in many projects. At the same time, the 2Power system delivers valuable electricity to the household. For example, our 2Power customer, the Hünig family, was able to save more than € 600.00 annually just in the production of hot water in summer.


   2Power solution

The Hünig family operates a wood log boiler, which loads two 1000 L buffer tanks for the building heat during the heating period. One of the two buffer tanks is also used for hot water production. Since the wood log boiler is not fired up over the summer, hot water production during this period is done using an electrical heating insert. Now, the 2Power system has completely taken over this task. Since the electrical heating insert remains switched off, the Hünig family saves over € 600 annually. At the same time, the modules generate over 4,200 kWh electrical power which is used for the household, thereby reducing the family's electrical costs even further. The reimbursement for feeding the surplus electricity from the 2Power system into the grid creates additional income for them.

Technical details
18 units 2Power
Electrical capacity: 4.68 kWp
Thermal capacity: 12.94 kWp
Buffer storage: 2x 1000 L
Wood log boiler 50 kW