56 new residences with 2Power


The large, eastern area comprising about 11 hectares in what is called 'Parkstadt Unterliederbach' has enough space for about 300 new residences. Single family houses and duplexes as well as publicly subsidized flats are in the process of being built on this land. The largest portion of the planned construction has already been completed.


   2Power solution

KEG mbH, a form of public housing company, is constructing six publicly subsidized multiple-family dwellings with 50 flats between 30m² and 110m² in the Kamelienstrasse. They have been built using energy-plus construction and have self-supplying energy technology. This is possible with an intelligent and flexible supply system that even produces a surplus of electricity and heat energy. The construction began in the autumn of 2013. The initial start-up of the system took place CW 10 and the first tenants moved in on Ascension Day 2015.

Technical details
168 units 2Power
Electrical capacity: 43.68 kWp
Thermal capacity: 120.79 kWp
Thermal ice storage 150m³