Heating with ice

Example of thermal ice storage project Fasanenweg

Ice storage

Example of thermal ice storage project Fasanenweg

This innovative thermal ice storage makes it possible to use heat from the air, the earth and the sun's rays.

The thermal ice storage is a cistern with two built-in heat exchangers. The cistern is buried in the yard, filled with up to 90% potable water, and serves as an energy storage for the heat pump when the exterior temperatures go below 0°C. 2Power hybrid modules on the roof collect the heat from the surrounding air, use the solar radiation and feed it to the heat pump or the thermal ice storage, depending on need. In addition, the hybrid module produces electrical power which is used for self-supply. The surplus is fed into the grid. The thermal ice storage pulls additional heat directly from the earth through the exterior walls of the cisterns.

This new heating concept was modeled in a Schwörer house at the end of 2012. We have been recording the consumption values since move-in.



Between the 2Power system and the thermal ice storage, the house achieved energy-plus status.
In other words, the system produces more energy than the house and its occupants consume.