Energy-plus house

No ongoing energy costs



The energy-plus buildings owned by sustainably-oriented owners combine electricity and heating from the 2Power collectors with the E-tank long-term energy storage plus heat pump and layered thermal storage into an innovative and revolutionary energy system.



   2Power solution

The smart combination of electricity and heat production in one module as well as storing surplus heat from the summer into the winter covers the entire heating and hot water needs of the wooden building and its occupants. In addition, surplus power is collected in the 2Power electrical power storage during the day and used later during the night. This makes it possible to be completely independent of any fossil fuels and even creates an energy surplus of about 1800 kWh. The occupants of the energy-plus house in Alzenau are completely free of any ongoing energy costs.


Technical details
16 units 2Power HM 1000 Mono Black
8 units 1Power 260 Mono Black
Electrical capacity: 6.24 kWp
Thermal capacity: 11.5 kWp
Solvis Max buffer tanks 750 L with 6 kW
Sole heat pump
E-tank seasonal thermal energy storage
2Power electrical power storage Li Ion 6.4