Chalet Molinis

A self-sufficient system high in the alps

Many habitable huts and shelters in the alps have to get along without any electricity or gas. That makes for limited convenience. The occupants of Chalet Molinis, on the other hand, don't have to do without the luxury of hot water and sufficient electricity thanks to 2Power. To make this possible, 12 2Power PVT collectors were installed on the roof of the chalet.

During the day, the energy generated by the modules can be directly used for the electrical appliances that are part of a modern lifestyle. At the same time, the battery bank, which was also installed, is charged with current so that there is enough electrical power at night as well. The hot water tank is also heated by the 2Power PVT collectors so that there is hot water.


   2Power solution

The entire system is completely self-sufficient without any connection to the power grid or a gas line.
The only energy source needed is the sun which is optimally used by the 2Power modules for generating electricity and heat.

Technical details
12 units 2Power
Electrical capacity: 3.12 kWp
Thermal capacity: 8.63 kWp
Hot water tank 300 L