Lower heating

Use the 2Power system as backup for your heating.

   Give your heating backup!


The 2Power system generates heat that you can efficiently use as heating backup. The particular benefit is that, during periods of lower energy use, the heat can be stored long-term in our 2Power thermal energy storage, similarly to our ESS 3.0 energy storage.

It functions like a large water tank in which the coolant circulating in the 2Power systems transfers its energy through a copper heat exchanger to the buffer liquid in the tank. An additional stainless steel heat exchanger above the tank, through which potable water flows, can guarantee sanitary heating.



Dhe 2Power thermal energy storage can store surplus energy for a long time. Then, during system quiet phases, the energy is fed to your heater in the form of heat. This provides both backup heat to your heating system and keeps it from wearing out.



Who is the 2Power
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All information about the 2Power thermal
energy storage can be downloaded as a PDF here.
You can find all the important facts about the 2Power thermal
energy storage in the data specification sheet.

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