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   The innovation for recyclable energy

2Power is an integrated energy concept that can be used in all areas. In smaller projects, the 2Power module can make electrical boilers superfluous and can backup heating systems. When combined with other products in renewable energy, such as heat pumps, thermal ice storage, long-term energy storage, etc., it's possible to create a completely independent supply of electricity and hot water, depending on location and size.



   Products for an optimal 2Power system

The 2Power system optimizes the use of renewable energies with the 2Power modules, electrical storage and thermal energy storage.


2Power PVT collector

A photovoltaic module can get up to 80 °C in summer. It's obvious that this energy can be used for heating bath or shower water. By designing a very high capacity absorber, the existing heat from the photovoltaic module can be drawn off and fed to the warm water supply.

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2Power electrical power storage

The compact 2Power battery storage reflects the latest battery technology and can store unneeded surplus solar energy quickly. The stored energy is then immediately available to be used when the sun isn't shining directly enough. This greatly improves one's own use of solar energy and achieves a higher level of independence from energy providers and rising energy prices.

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2Power Smart Control

²Power Smart Control is a solution for creating a “Smart Home” in conjunction with solar and home controls. Complete control and an overview of your house, as well as optimised effectiveness for your  ²Power system.

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2Power thermal energy storage

The absorbers built into the 2Power system generates real heat for backing up your heating system. The particular benefit is that, during periods of lower energy use, the heat can be stored long-term in our 2Power thermal energy storage, similarly to our Li Ion 6.5 electrical energy storage.

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   Tested in over 400 properties

2Power has been successfully installed in many projects over the past years. The versatile options for using 2Power systems have been developed all the way to integrated energy concepts which enable customers to generate even more energy than they and their building actually need. This is achieved through a clever interplay between capturing energy from the sun, storing this energy when surplus is generated and then using a highly efficient auxiliary heat with renewable energy when all of the storage has been exploited.

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