Store electricity instead
of giving it away.

Make your system a self-sufficient system.

   You can become energy-independent!


The compact 2Power battery storage reflects the latest battery technology and can store unneeded surplus solar energy quickly. The stored energy is then immediately available to be used when the sun isn't shining directly enough. This greatly improves one's own use of solar energy and achieves a higher level of independence from energy providers and rising energy prices.



With 2Power's electrical power storage, you can store surplus energy during the day and use it to feed your system during the night.

Completely independently of electricity prices and providers.





   Innovative storage

Our 2Power electrical power storage, Li Ion 6.5, has the most modern lithium-ion technology, high storage capacity and a long lifespan.
The square design of the individual storage cells can be easily expanded modularly without using a lot of space.


Nominal energy Nominal voltage Full charge cycle High Efficiency
.5 kWh of which approx. 80% or 5 kWh are usable 55,5 V 5000 97%
Max. discharge current Nominal capacity Communication Discharging depth
400 A 117 Ah CAN, CANopen, R232,
RS485, MOD
80% DOD

Who is the 2Power
system suitable for?

You can find out which 2Power system is suitable for your property.
Our service team would be glad to advise you.
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All information about the 2Power electrical power
storage can be downloaded as a PDF here.
You can find all the important facts about the 2Power
electrical power storage in the data specification sheet.

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