Smart Control

The 2PSC controller controls the 2Power system
and works as a modular smart home solution.


   ²Power Smart Control

²Power Smart Control is a solution for creating a “Smart Home” in conjunction with solar and home controls. Complete control and an overview of your house, as well as optimised effectiveness for your ²Power system.

(The 2PSC controller product image is only a conceptual representation)

The  ²Power Control Unit is based on a hybrid module developed specially by our company that uses sunlight for more than just generating electricity. Excess heat from the module is guided directly into the heating system.


   2Power system functions

The ²Power Smart Control system ensures thermal energy is used in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, cooling improves the effectiveness of the system’s power generation features. This combination of a solar system and home controls is what makes ²Power Smart Control unique.

By analysing the overall power consumption and requirements of individual devices, you can recognise and utilise potential areas for optimising and reducing your electricity use. Intelligent heat distribution and storage in buffers and long-term accumulators reduces your heating costs.


Options as a smart home solution






2 Power System

Smoke Detector







Would you like to turn your lights on at 7 AM and off again at 11 PM? Need to close your curtains at midday, then open them in the evening? Want to turn up your heat in the morning, then turn it back down again in the evening? No problem. With the ²Power Smart Control system, you can keep everything under control. It is easy to programme switching processes or entire lighting scenarios.

Who is the 2Power
system suitable for?

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2Power control in the presentation.


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